Certification and testing laboratory of food, cosmetics and polymer products
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By introducing something new to the market, you want to reduce the risks to quality and safety that your potential buyers or customers can trust in your product, components and raw materials (or their use). In other words, your customers need to be sure that your products and services meet both local and international standards. Independent, fully equipped, highly qualified testing laboratory “SIFAT KAFOLAT SERTIFIKATI” and their services will help you to create this confidence.

Laboratory testing is a way to confirm that a consignment or goods conforms to established standards or contractual requirements for quality or safety. The reliability of the results of laboratory tests also depends on whether the samples were taken correctly, whether the samples were prepared correctly for laboratory tests, and whether they were properly packed and stored. Test methods also influence the final result, therefore it is very important to clearly state in the contract test methods for cargo / production (O'zDSt, GOST, ISO, EN, IP, DIN, UOP, ASTM, ICC, ECC, USDA, AOCS, GAFTA, FOSFA and others.). Tests are usually carried out in order to obtain the information necessary to make a decision on the compliance of the test subject with the specified requirements. Also, tests are carried out for scientific purposes, in order to study the subject, in order to establish the price of the product, etc. Certain types of tests have historically established names: chemical analysis, organoleptic analysis, metallographic studies, microbiological analysis, gemological diagnostics, measurement, etc. The quality of the test is determined by the reliability of the information received. The higher the reliability, the higher the quality. For the current level of technology development, it is sufficient to obtain a test result with a 95% confidence level. However, in cases where unreliable test results can lead to significant risks, higher confidence levels are used. The quality of the test is determined by the elaboration of the procedure. The more detailed the test conditions, the higher the reproducibility of the results obtained.

General information

The laboratory of SIFAT KAFOLAT SERTIFIKATI LLC uses measuring instruments and test equipment from leading Russian and foreign manufacturers. The testing laboratory of food, cosmetic and polymer products has an updated collection of regulatory documents, documents related to ensuring the proper condition of the test equipment and measuring instruments, monitoring the reliability of the tests performed. The tests are carried out by experts in the field of chemistry and chemical technology, quality management. The laboratory staff has extensive experience in testing food, cosmetic and polymer products, attending seminars and conferences on the activities of modern testing, calibration and analytical laboratories, modern methods of product analysis, conformity assessment.

The laboratory premises of SIFAT KAFOLAT SERTIFIKATI LLC comply with the requirements of environmental, sanitary and hygienic, fire-fighting and other safety standards.

The independent accredited testing laboratory of food, cosmetic and polymer products is guided by O'z DSt ISO / IEC 17025-2007 "General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories" and does not participate in the development, production and sale of products that ensures complete impartiality, reliability, high accuracy and reliability of laboratory test results.

The laboratory provides:

  • Cooperation and feedback with the customer or his representative to clarify the request.
  • Confidentiality.
  • Providing the Customer or its representative with reasonable access to relevant parts of the laboratory to monitor the testing.
  • High reliability of the test results, design and objective interpretation of test results, consideration of the results together with the Customer.
  • Information sharing, technical advice.
  • Customer notification of all delays or significant deviations during the tests.
  • Feedback with the customer, especially with long-term contracts.
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Certification and testing laboratory of food, cosmetics and polymer products

Uzbekistan, Tashkent city, Mustaqillik avenue, 59
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